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Is Your ETF Struggling To Gain Attention?

Each episode of ETF Stories reaches 100,000+ Financial Advisors & Investors

See If Your ETF Qualifies For ETF Stories
We Produce & Market Your ETF Stories Episode
Your ETF Brand Visibility Grows


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ETF Stories is rebranding and relaunching in the Spring of 2023. The franchise is from the FinancialAdvisor.TV team, who have a history of delivering millions of video views per year in the Financial Advisor community.

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ETF Stories is different. We deliver the traditional full interview format, but also enhance exposure with 'Micro Stories' that are produced in short vertical video format. These videos live on platforms where modern marketing gets results today, like Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories and YouTube Shorts. 

how it works

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your choice of host

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Tim Seymour

CNBC's Fast Money

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Jay Coulter

Financial Advisor TV

Potentail Retail Investor Exposure on ROI TV*


Does your etf qualify for an episode of ETF Stories?

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We are committed to putting out high quality ETF Stories in the marketplace.

1. We require at least $25M in AUM.

2. We require 1 year, but prefer 2 years since launch. (We will make exceptions for firms with a history of building ETFs)

3. We require the Portfolio Manager or SME from the index provider to be the guest.  

4. We prefer and get the best results for firms with some existing social media presence. 

If you would like to have a conversation about ETF Stories, please find a time on Jay Coulter's schedule below! 

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