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EP120 Building A Virtual Practice With Brad Johnson

Today many advisors are faced with a decision about their business. Do you transition into a Virtual Advisor or try and wait out this crisis in hopes that things will return to the way they used to be? Brad Johnson is the host of the popular The Elite Advisor Blueprint® podcast and VP of Advisor Development at Excel Advisors. At the beginning of the crisis, Brad built a private Facebook group simply to help advisors who wanted to make the transition to virtual an easier proposition. He has brought in best-in-class presenters to teach group members about what it takes to make it as a virtual advisor.

Guests have included:

- Pat Quinn on 'How and why your presentation should be different.'

- Josh Lee on LinkedIn with 3 deliverables for attendees.

- Chris Smith & David Solomon on to discuss “Crafting your Story.”

Access to the Facebook group and community is 100% complementary to financial advisors. Check it out in the links below.

The Virtual Advisor Facebook Group:

The Virtual Advisor Series:

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