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Resilient Advisor Note (June 2018)

Practice Management Research

Technology & Vendors I Am Testing

Loom: I have been playing with this for a couple of months. Loom is a very simple to use screen recording service that helps you save time communicating with clients and prospects. Loom recordings are clear and provide ways to add text content and hyperlinks.

One of the best features is the way the system lets you know when someone has viewed your loom video.

It is currently free to use and honestly, I would pay a sizable monthly fee to use the service.

Check them out here:

Leverage: I signed up for an account with the VA service Leverage 2 weeks ago. There are many similar services in the market, but an advisor whom I respect uses it daily so I decided to try them first. I have only submitted one task so far and it was completed to my 100% satisfaction. (They will edit this blog post for the second task so you can judge their work!)

I will keep you updated on my experience with them.

Check them out here:

Amazon Alexa: Earlier this year Fintech expert Bill Winterberg came on the podcast and discussed how advisors could leverage Amazon's Alexa. (Link) I put one in my office and found some utility in the service. But, it turns out Amazon may not be telling us the truth about their devices (think Facebook) and so I disconnected it. Here is a New York Times article about the challenging experience one user had when their device started sharing private conversations. (Link)

Until I can have a higher level of confidence that they are not recording and sharing my conversations, Alexa will need to stay unplugged.

Mighty Networks: Are you tired of Facebook charging you to post content to your network? I am playing with a platform that allows you to customize your own 'micro-interest' groups. I may launch one for either The Resilient Advisor or the Resilient Investing brand that I am launching later this year. I will keep you updated. There are some very unique marketing and networking opportunities with this platform. If you are focused on serving a niche, it may be worth building a network on this platform.

The best way to describe it: Blog + Facebook + LinkedIn - your personal information being sold - politics - ads.

Check them out here:


Recent Resilient Advisor Podcasts

Larry Miles of Advice Period came on the podcast to discuss how financial advisor can build enterprise value in their business. (Link)

Clint Sorenson of WealthShield spent some time with me discussing how independent advisors can leverage TAMPS to grow their business. (Link)

Jamie Hopkins of The American College of Financial Services returned to the podcast to discuss retirement income planning and his new book 'Rewirement.' (Link)


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