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Rules-driven investment models built for financial advisors who understand the importance of applying behavioral finance to the portfolio construction and reducing overall investment costs.

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If you are managing $10,000,000 or $200,000,000 your cost remains the same. This is the future of asset management pricing.

Custom Presentations

Do you have a flagship investment story that anchors your process and brand? It is time to create distinction in your offering.



Our team of CFA's and CIMA's will send you the rules-driven trades each quarter along with updated marketing collateral and portfolio support. 

Monthly Commentary

Our team will send you monthly research and market talking points so that you are always at the top of your investment game.

The Portfolio Architect Suite

Momentum Portfolios

Index Enhancement Portfolios

Global Passive Equity
Russell 1000 Growth Index
Dividend Equity
US Dividend 100 Index
Growth Equity
Sector Rotation
Factor Rotation
Core Fixed Income
Risk Management
Quality Income

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