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Advisor Attention.


Generate 100,000+ Impressions, Views & Clicks With An Advisor Speed Demo

The Problem: How Can You Grab Attention In This Crowded Space?

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The Solution: Advisor Speed Demos

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Financial Advisors are very responsive to:
     1. Short videos packed with the right content (not fluffy marketing jargon and sales pitches)

     2. Micro content on social media they can consume quickly 

Advisor Speed Demos deliver BOTH!

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Wealthtech Evangelist Diana Cabrices is the new host of Advisor Speed Demos.
Diana has a
 history of helping firms gain attention in the advisor community, evangelizing brands such as Wealthbox, Wealthtender and as a former VP at Snappy Kraken. She loves connecting advisors with best-in-class technology!


The Statistics From Season 1

Total Impressions: 1.2 M+

Total Video Views: 122,00+

Total CTA Link Clicks: 1,000+

Past Advisor Speed Demo Ad

Season 1 participants
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View Past Episodes:

how it works

1. Production
We produce your Advisor Speed Demo, hosted by Diana Cabrices.
 You will record in our virtual studios at FinancialAdvisor.TV. Diana is an Advisor Speed Demo Alum and will help you prepare and deliver a demo that makes your brand shine!

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2. Livestream Broadcast
We livestream your Advisor Speed Demo on Financial Advisor TV's Social Media Platforms.

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3. Micro Content
Optimizing your brands' exposure requires meeting Financial Advisors where they consume content and in the format they prefer. 

We produce 2 short form micro-clips of your Advisor Speed Demo in both vertical and horizontal format. These are posted on our social media platforms including the popular Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

4. Paid Promotion
We run targeted social media advertising campaigns to the financial advisor community on our platforms, driving viewers to your Advisor Speed Demo.  

  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

Does your firm qualify for a speed demo?

We are committed to being a resource to the advisor community. We have built trust with our audience at FinancialAdvisor.TV over the years by promoting reputable brands that serve advisors and their clients well. Likewise, Diana Cabrices takes particular care to only represent brands that meet her strict standards.

Ready to grab advisor attention with an Advisor Speed Demo? Schedule a discovery meeting with us


Much Less Than A Paid Webinar or Conference Booth!

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