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“How Top Advisors Implement 4 Simple Processes That Turn A Practice Into A Systematized Business”

  • Learn why the next decade will be the greatest 10 year period for the financial services industry.

  • Discover the 4 simple processes that high performing advisors implement in their practice to free-up 2-3 hours per day.

  • Hear how most advisors are overwhelmed and do not feel like they are taking care of their clients…and learn a radically simple system that solves this problem!

  • Pick-up the simple 5 step process to increasing revenue by becoming a thought leader in your market and growing your professional network.

  • Learn about a simple lead generating system that your staff can run for you. 

  • Hear how to leverage social media, even if you dislike everything about it!

  • Get your team aligned with your vision with the non-intrusive method for tracking accountability invented by Andy Grove of Intel.

  • Hear how advisors can increase business results in 90 days by leveraging the same tool that Google, Amazon, BMW, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Disney use to achieve rapid growth. 

Attendees Receive 5 Actionable Resources That Can Be Immediately Implemented To Free Up Valuable Time:

The AB Client Touchpoint System™

Ecover_The AB Client Touchpoint System.p

A downloadable AB Client Touchpoint System™

The AB Client Touchpoint System™ training video series

The AB Client Touchpoint System™ eBook

The Pinger Connection & Influence System™

Ecover_The Pinger System.png

A downloadable Pinger Connection & Influence System™

The Pinger System™ training video series

The Pinger System™ eBook

The OKR Goal Setting & Leadership System


A downloadable OKR templates for personal or team use

A simple training video on the OKR System

The OKR Goal Setting & Leadership System eBook

Jay's Most Recent Books In Digital Format:

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