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Tactical Portfolios, OCIO Services and Advisor Growth with Manish Khatta (EP156)

Updated: May 2, 2021

Manish Khatta, President and Chief Investment Officer of Potomac Fund Management came on the show to discuss tactical portfolio construction. Manish and Jay also discuss the value of a TAMP as a partner in building an advisor practice and how OCIO services as an outsourced solution can have an impact.



About Manish:

Manish Khatta is a quant! A true math geek, Manish has spent his career creating and refining trading strategies built on mathematical computations and number crunching.

Manish is a lifelong Potomac employee who started with the firm after college and programmed the initial work behind Potomac’s mechanical trading systems. Fast-forward to today, and he now serves as the President and Chief Investment Officer of Potomac.

Manish is a staunch believer that investment risk is something that can be contained, and conquered, using quantitative trading systems.

Maryland born and raised, Manish currently resides in the sunny beach town of Lauderdale by the Sea in Florida, but is a proud Terrapin…and no matter how bad they suck, go currently unnamed team from Washington, #HTT?


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