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July Risk On - Risk Off Report with Michael Gayed (EP195)

Michael Gayed, CFA publishes the popular Lead-Lag Report, is a member of The ETF Think Tank and is the Portfolio Manager of the ATAC Rotation Fund. Gayed comes on the show to talk about the markets through his Risk On - Risk Off lens.




Connect With Michael:


About Michael (From his LinkedIn profile):

Michael is respected as an award-winning, results-oriented Investment Manager showcasing 15 years of success executing initiatives that result in significant revenue growth. He is known for identifying and implementing various investment strategies to capture market anomalies while maintaining a business mindset beyond portfolio management.

Michael offers a proven track record of evaluating business/investment opportunities, quickly understanding market dynamics and relationships that few tend to focus on. He is also an out-of-the-box thinker committed to strengthening organizations’ financial performance through dedicated hard work and a passion for investing.



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