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ETF Stories - iUSA: The Amberwave Invest USA JSG ETF with Dan Katz (EP226)

iUSA is organized around the concept of jobs, security and growth or said better, JSG investing. Jay Coulter interviews Dan Katz for this episode of ETF Stories from Resilient Advisor.

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About Dan Katz:

Dan Katz is Co-Founder and portfolio manager at Amberwave Partners, an impact investing firm focused on U.S. jobs, security, and growth (JSG). Previously, Dan served as a senior advisor at the United States Department of the Treasury from September 2019 to January 2021, where he helped lead the Treasury’s efforts to rescue the U.S. aviation industry during the COVID-19 recession. Dan served as the Chairman of the National Security Loan Program Credit Committee and a member of the Airline Loan Program Credit Committee, which collectively oversaw more than $20 billion of emergency loan transactions. Dan also oversaw the implementation of the Payroll Support Program, which supported hundreds of thousands of jobs in the aviation industry.



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