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How To Successfully Run A Virtual Practice with Derek Notman (EP225)

Derek Notman was a virtual advisor before it was cool to be one! As a serial entrepreneur he runs 3 businesses in the industry and a popular podcast for Financial Advisors. He sits down with Jay Coulter on the Resilient Advisor Show and they cover a wide range of topics.




About Derek N.H. Notman, CFP®

I was born in Ireland to a South African mother and German American father. I have a passion for world travel and adventure and believe it or not was actually compared to "The World's Most Interesting Man", although I am not sure I deserve it! I love helping my clients leverage their money to live their best life today & tomorrow.

As a Virtual Financial Advisor and Certified Financial Planner® Professional I serve clients from coast to coast through my virtual model and specialize working with self-minted millionaires who love luxury world travel. I am open to working with people who share similar passions and philosophies on life, not to mention people who love dogs, yet limit the amount of clients we serve at any given time.


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Rethink Advisor Podcast with Adam Holt:



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