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Modern Wealth on RIA Stories

On this installment of RIA Stories, Jason Gordo comes on the show to discuss Modern Wealth. These are long form interviews designed to take the viewer down the path of a 1st Due Diligence meeting with the firm. Jay Coulter covers the Seven Core Domains of an initial meeting.

Learn more about Modern Wealth:

Download the RIA Due Diligence Guide from Resilient Advisor:

Firm Overview

Growth Support

Wealth Management Support

Technology Support

Operational Support

Transition Support


Jason Gordo is a co-founder and president at Modern Wealth Management. Gordo is an accomplished wealth management executive with a diverse background in business strategy, execution, and mergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining the founding team at Modern Wealth, Gordo was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management where he was Head of Advisor Growth.

Gordo was part of the team that scaled and sold United Capital, a $25B RIA with 90 locations, to Goldman Sachs for $750M. While at United Capital he held various positions, including Head of Office and Head of FinLife Partners. Gordo was also a member of the United Capital executive team where he worked to help drive the firm's growth and success.


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