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TIFIN Wealth on Advisor Speed Demos from FinancialAdvisor.TV

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

This installment of Advisor Speed Demos from FinancialAdvisor.TV features Ali Rezvan from TIFIN Wealth and is hosted by Diana Cabrices. The platform empowers Financial Advisors to grow their business with precision AI for organic growth. They help modern wealth management firms bring more individuals into the world of advice through better data insights, client engagement and personalized investments.

Learn more about TIFIN Wealth and use the code 'Grow' to get your first month free:

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Diana Cabrices 00:04

On this installment of Advisor Speed Demos, you'll learn about the powerful TIFIN Wealth platform, from financial planning to financial personality assessments to marketing and investment research. This platform is built for the modern advisor, as it leverages advanced machine learning technology that I know you'll find impressive. After you watch the speed demo, grab your first month free on the platform by using code grow when setting up your full demo at And now, here's Ali from the TIFIN team.

Ali Rezvan 00:48

Grow your practice by closing clients in one meeting. Discovery and data gathering processes are inefficient and time consuming. It can take anywhere from three to six meetings to win over clients. Clients have access to more choices than ever before. Choosing a financial advisor to trust their financial future with can be overwhelming. Value props are almost identical. Growth for financial advisors is dependent on differentiation. Traditional investment proposals make the experience even more stressful for clients. They are too long and overcomplicated clients want simplicity to help them choose you. TIFIN Wealth helps you better understand each prospect and clients and grow your practice with the use of personalized investment proposals. The platform is designed to help you go from discovery to recommendation in minutes.

It all starts with better understanding, better understanding to drive for better outcomes. Through 3d inputs, we help you better understand the individuality of each investor's risk goals and personality. From there, you can use the actionable intelligence to deliver recommendations and personalized investment proposals in minutes. The platform also helps you be more efficient with daily tasks such as investment research and marketing. Let's take a look at how it all comes together. Our scoring covers the full definition with three scores. The first input used to help you better understand each individual is risk. We take an objective approach to profiling someone's risk tolerance by focusing on facts and data instead of feelings and emotions. We do so by covering the full definition of risk tolerance as defined by the regulator's. They define an investor's risk tolerance as their desire and ability to take risk. Our scoring covers that full definition with three scores.

The first is risk preference, that's simply the investors desire or willingness to take risks. The second score is risk capacity that focuses on facts and data, but their individual financial situation and identifies their ability to take risk. We then provide you with this band. As long as their portfolios fall somewhere on this band, they're appropriate. Where they fall depends on the situation. We open up the conversation for you in context of the larger picture. From there, each account for existing clients is analyzed and scored. So you can have a conversation about where each of their accounts fall and why. For prospects, you can upload their portfolios and show where their existing portfolios fall in relation to their bandwidth for risk, and if they need to make specific changes and why. From there, you can get to a recommendation and match that individual with one of your model portfolios that fits into their risk band in a matter of seconds.

The second input used to help you better understand each individual is goals. We use micro planning to quickly identify their priorities when it comes to planning. We do so by focusing on the most common financial planning questions and through the use of conversational technology enable you to more efficiently gather data, qualify opportunities and get individuals started on the financial planning journey. Those financial planning questions could be about retirement, home, insurance, tax, college or savings. Let's go through one of these journeys. Can I retire when I'm x? To show you how engaging it is for the clients and how easy it is for you to gather data, we'll start by asking what their addresses age, relationship status. Income can be abbreviated. Here an assumption is made just to get them through the process. We can always come back and adjust any assumptions, how much they have saved for retirement so far., how much they're saving every month where they plan to retire, and at what age. That quickly, we can help you gather the critical information and qualify the opportunity and help that person get started on the financial planning journey.

The third input used to help you better understand each individual is personality. We use positive psychology to create the world's first financial personality assessment. Through four pillars, we help you better understand the unique financial mindset of each investor, their values, priorities and interests. The pillars we analyze personality within are viewpoints, touch, purpose, and security. Now that we've efficiently gone through the discovery process and use the three inputs, risk, goals and personality to help us better understand each investor's individuality, we can get to a recommendation and personalized investment proposal in a matter of minutes. The proposal highlights the three inputs used to get to a recommendation for that investor: their risk profile, their personality and behavior, and answers to their financial planning questions. This proposal was designed to simplify decision making, and help that individual choose you as quickly as possible.

Lastly, the platform can be used to help you be more efficient in tasks that you have to do for your practice on a daily basis, such as marketing, and investment research. With marketing campaigns, we give you access to a library of over a million pieces of content that you can use to source content and distribute the content through email, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, a more efficient way to drip on your prospects and clients. Finally, with investment research, we help you take the universe of data and information and make it more digestible and actionable with the use of natural language search in artificial intelligence. For example, our research tool gives you access to the world's first natural language search engine. I can use this to quickly run research and get the information I'm looking for. Maybe I want high growth tech funds,no China exposure.

And finally, the investment research tool can help you use natural language to make quick enhancements to portfolios. Whether there are prospects portfolio, existing client, your own model, or a third party model, I can use natural language to put in an objective and enhance that portfolio in a matter of seconds. For example, maybe I'm looking for better returns and lower fees. As you can see here, the system's able to quickly help me understand where I can make specific changes with my current holdings to accomplish the objective in context, higher returns and lower fees. In a world where an advisors value of delivering custom investment solutions for their clients blends in with the firm next door, I challenge you to rethink the way you deliver value to your clients. It's time to take your practice to the next level with the TIFIN Wealth platform.

Book a demo at and mention code GROW during your demo to qualify for your first one free.

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