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Nobody regrets the move to independence…but many Financial Advisors don't have the confidence they need to make the transition. 

We provide a simple, proven roadmap to help advisors better serve their clients, increase profitability and personal net-worth…by making the transition to independence.

Step 1
Design Your Ideal Firm aligned with your goals
step 2
guided Due diligence & planning
step 3
Execute the transition

are you ready for independence?

Are you tired of recruiters painting an overly optimistic picture?

Do you feel like the custodian you are speaking with is over-promising?

Are you struggling to figure out who you can actually trust?


About the incubator

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The INDEPENDENCE INCUBATOR™ is lead by Jay Coulter and leverages his network of highly discrete professionals with backgrounds in breakaways, investments, operations, compliance, practice management and M&A. 

How It Works

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Download The Infographic With Hyperlinks

Schedule Meeting

Schedule A Confidential Discovery Meeting:

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Download The AdvisorAssist Guide To Going Independent

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