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When Independence Does Not Make Sense For A Financial Advisor With Brett Danko

Brett Danko is an industry veteran who has seen it all. He comes on the podcast to discuss why a financial advisor should NOT go out on their own. He has seen the bad outcomes, as well as the good. His insights are informative to anyone considering a move. His deep experience training thousands of CFP® professionals (myself included!) and running his own national RIA allows him to provide a robust 360 degree view.

Connect With Brett

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About Brett

Brett’s not just a teacher, he is an active financial planner, just like you. He runs a successful Registered Investment Advisor, Main Street Financial Solutions, LLC(link is external), where he manages and advises his own clients.

Brett’s advice and feedback is rooted in real world, real time experience. Brett doesn’t just teach, he puts his words into action. He is also an independent financial planner, so he can provide timely, unbiased options and opinions.

A dynamic speaker and entertaining teacher(link is external), his insights and instruction will be your best preparation for taking the CFP Board Exam. If you already have your CFP certification, he provides the kind of real world support you need through his online Continuing Education and fosters your knowledge to help drive your business to the next level.

Not only is his instruction and feedback informative and noteworthy, Brett is also easily accessible to his students. By signing up for his classes or audio updates, you will have his cell phone number and his e-mail address, giving you the individual feedback you need to better your career and your business.

Brett's live courses include -

  • Brett Danko as your personal instructor

  • Course material updated for every cycle of the exam. This is not true for some competitors who print in bulk use the material over a series of exams.

  • Pricing is inclusive of all materials. If you do need to retake the review course we charge you only our cost – no profit.

  • For students who do not pass the CFP Board Exam, Brett personally follows up with a review of the results and an individualized strategy for next steps.

If you want the best instruction from the best teacher and the support and guidance you need to make your career the best it can be, partner with Brett Danko today.


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