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I Am Sorry - An Apology To The Resilient Advisor Audience

I am sorry. I need to apologize to my Resilient Advisor audience. I launched this show as an audio only podcast, ½ a decade ago with the explicit goal of bringing Financial Advisors the best ideas and strategies of the industries most successful Financial Advisors. It worked…..We built a great audience...A big audience and I loved producing the show. Recently several things have happened that caught my attention: 1. There was a recent Feedspot list of the '70 Best Financial Advisor Podcasts.' (I'll put a link in the comments.) They could only come up with 63 shows, some of which have not produced episodes in years...and Resilient Advisor was not on the list! That hurt the ego, but it has forced me to take a hard look at The Resilient Advisor Show. 2. I just wrapped up the Spring conference season. We took FinancialAdvisor.TV to the major events and delivered millions of impressions and a whole lot of views. But, I was not asked to speak at ANY event. Why? I met with my team and we did some triage and the answer is simple: The Resilient Advisor brand became messy as we grew. Our strategy was to create 'sub-series' and keep them on the RA Show's platform. They have been very successful, but uncoordinated. - ETF Stories reaches 50k-100k people thanks to our partnership with ROI TV - Investment Spotlight - These episodes with Chris Versace have a large following in the institutional and HF space - How I Serve - Top advisors share their journey The BIGGEST reason for the mess I have created: We launched FinancialAdvisor.TV. Now, FATV has been a Home Run. In less than a year we have become one of the largest video education platforms for advisors with a reach in the community that old media would love to have. But…it is not what subscribers of Resilient Advisor signed up for and I am sorry. Here what you will get with the revamped show:

- Recorded Live - You can join us and ask questions - You will know the topics in advance - I will only bring top experts on the show The Goal: Bring you the best ideas and strategies of the most successful advisors in the industry. We will bring it full circle! Everything else will sit on Financial Advisor TV. Thank you for subscribing and being a part of the Resilient Advisor Community! - Jay

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