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How Financial Advisors Can Leverage DiSC To Grow Their Business With Nicole Jansen

The DiSC assessment is a powerful tool for both enhancing your sales skills and building your team. Nicole Jansen comes on the podcast to share her experience working with financial advisors on how to best leverage DiSC in their business. She is a Certified Human Behavior Specialist with over 27 years of industry experience. Nicole is also the host of The Leaders Of Transformation Podcast which has been downloaded in over 100 countries.

Connect With Nicole

LinkedIn: @nicolejansen

Facebook: @DiscoverTheEdge

Instagram: @nicolejanseninc

About Nicole

There are few people who can captivate both a small group of 5 and inspire a large group of 3000 with a message that touches them all deeply.

As a business owner and entrepreneur for over 25+ years Nicole Jansen has helped thousands of individuals and organizations earn millions of dollars while fulfilling their mission in life. Her deep passion for helping people discover their greatness and live life at the next level is what has made her one of the most in-demand speakers and coaches in her region.

Her message is one of inspiration, focus, and relentless commitment to being the best you can be; that the road to success is paved with conscious awareness, inspired action, and serving others in a positive way.

Nicole is passionate about empowering people with proven business development skills as well as the necessary personal development insights to master “the little voice in their head” and create the life they want. It is this combination of personal and business mastery that has earned Nicole the reputation of getting incredible results from her clients and audiences in such a short period of time. Very few understand how to blend these skills together to create the magic that she creates for others.

She is a certified Human Behavior Specialist through Personality Insights, a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training, and has been personally trained and mentored by some of the top business, sales and leadership experts in the world.

She has coached and trained thousands of people to play to their strengths and do what they love, while achieving greater results in the areas of sales, team performance, profitability, career and business development, including clients who have:

> Increased sales 150% in 4 weeks > Doubled revenue year over year > Increased profitability 2.5 times in 2 months > Increased team sales activity over 500% in one week

…all within the context of fulfilling a greater mission, serving their market in a positive way, and building a more empowering work environment for their team.

Nicole is an incredible teacher, trainer and coach because her first love is that of learning herself and then teaching those lessons to others.

She continues to act as a volunteer coach, leadership advisor and trainer for various charitable organizations. Nicole enjoys meeting new people, traveling and expanding her vision, as well as surrounding herself with inspirational leaders who are using their strengths to positively impact people around the world.

She is blessed with a loving family and friends, and spends her spare time enjoying their company, reading, jogging, or walking the beaches of sunny California while contemplating how to empower and inspire more people to live their purpose.


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