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How Financial Advisors Can Become Better Leaders With Elizabeth McCourt

Leadership expert Elizabeth McCourt comes on the podcast to share her thoughts on how financial advisors can become better leaders.

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About Elizabeth (From her website)

McCourt Leadership Group represents a culmination of my life experiences up to this point. Through these experiences, I’ve developed a focused passion and intent to help impactful leaders and teams harness their strengths and identify triggers that distract from their goals. Always striving to be the best I can be in my own personal pursuits and to assist others in attaining their goals, I have focused my energy on expanding my knowledge of myself and my industry. I believe that education and continually learning is paramount. In addition to a B.S. in Finance from the University of Maryland, J.D. from Loyola University in New Orleans, Natural Resources Certificate from the University of New Mexico, and MFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Stony Brook. I’m a CPCC certified coach through the Harvard of coaching schools, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), ACC certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Hogan Leadership Assessment certified & 360, a certificate in Systemic Team Coaching & 360 through the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) in London and most recently, key experience in group coaching facilitation with the Kets de Vries Institute (KDVI) GELI 360 tool.

My coaching philosophy is this: I’m both practical minded and creative, tough and lively, resourceful and focused. Helping push people beyond their limits requires a combination of all these attributes--and more. Besides a deep background in coaching education, I harness my passion for being a triathlete, in order to dig into that mindset of focused work, tenacity, goal setting and ultimately outcome. I became a triathlete over 10 years ago, a ploy to challenge myself physically, then transfer that tenacity to completing my novel in addition to harnessing this ability to apply to business success, becoming the top producing recruiter in my office. Helping people find success and their most courageous style of leadership and resilience is my mission. In fact, one client describes me as “Tough but fun” and that’s exactly how I want my clients to feel from our work together whether individually or in a group.

My life’s work has always included an element of coaching, starting with my dad who coached my summer soccer team where I was the only girl. I learned to be tough because I never wanted him to be accused of showing me favoritism; I learned to get knocked down hard, get up and keep going. My father balanced inspiration, resilience and positivity which always made his teams the winningest in the league, he was my role model and example in life. Using these skills throughout my life, I've tackled many things: a career in investment banking, working as a trial lawyer, a mock trial team coach, mentoring woman in sports, writing groups, successfully working with managers and candidates in financial services recruiting, and now ultimately forming McCourt Leadership Group.

The greatest gift I can receive through my work is the success of others and perhaps the finest compliment I’ve received thus far was when a client recently told me, “You got me to feel and know that I was playing small. It was an aha moment.” Through our work together, this client challenged herself to confront herself imposed limitations, stepped out of her comfort zone, and landed in the place where the magic happens. This is the true essence of coaching.

In addition to coaching and being a triathlete, I enjoy a deep practice in Yoga, believing that we need to work hard and play hard. I’ve lived in Germany, have a passion for international travel and languages, so at times you’ll find me working from abroad. And finally, writing and speaking about resilience, leadership and women’s empowerment balances my passions for coaching, athleticism, and making a difference.

“My clients work with me because they have the courage to push themselves beyond their current successes to find out what's possible.”

Passion, persistence and positivity are 3 qualities I bring to every job I do, all while having a bit of fun in the process. I am excited to work with individuals, groups, corporations, and teams. Please contact me directly for coaching, speaking engagements, writing and to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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