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Oura Ring vs Uplift Desk

If you are not familiar with the Oura Ring, it is a tool to help measure and track some important health metrics such as sleep, activities such as steps and your physical readiness. 

I fell in love with this device because it gamified activity and sleep while helping me get back in shape last year. 

I am flat out addicted to it and I was recommending it to all my friends. 

Then it broke. It happens.

My service experience with Oura Ring:

  • I sent an email about it not working.

  • They responded 1-2 days later with 'links' for troubleshooting that I had already found on their website trying to fix it.

  • The links were not helpful.

  • We go back and forth for WEEKS...with a minimum 24 hour delay in their responses.

It was like they did not care and took me for granted.

Last month I purchased my dream desk for my new office. 

I have wanted a stand-up desk from Uplift for years. They are not cheap...and I is glorious!

About a week after it was built, I noticed a small problem on the desktop. I was frustrated because the desk was both new and cost a lot of money!

Here was my experience with Uplift:

  • I sent a message to the Uplift service team through their website chat function.

  • They responded in 20 seconds.

  • They asked me for a picture of what was wrong.

  • They said they would send out a replacement.

  • It shipped the next day and was in my office 3 days after I reported the problem! 

Oura Rings and Uplift Desk are both GREAT products.

Uplift has a premium customer-focused service model. Oura Ring apparently is not concerned about service, preferring instead to "scale" their service.


  • Do you have a Premium Service Model or are you trying to 'Scale.' 

  • Having an intentional approach such as the AB Touchpoint System or ANY system that you can stick with will make a difference.

  • The happiest advisors I know don't try to 'scale' their service model. They have right-sized their business and offer a Premium Product with Premium Service.


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