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Sell Like YCharts

In a panic, I woke up at 4 AM. 

The night before I was putting the finishing touches on a big proposal for a meeting I had coming up that next afternoon...and I had hit a major wall.

A crucial function in YCharts, one I had relied on countless times, wasn't working. 

Using their standard process, I was able to schedule some time with James, my trusted YCharts contact and expert.

But, I was not able to get on his calendar until AFTER the big meeting.

In desperation and a little panic, I sent James an email asking for guidance.

My phone rang 10 minutes 7:15 in the morning.

Within 2 minutes we were on a Zoom and he solved the problem which was user error on my part...

"Service is Sales"

I have recommended YCharts to my advisor clients since 2019. 

They don't compensate me for referrals, but I am happy to support them because it is a great product.

I offer my OCIO Services and Investment Models through their platform to my clients.

Their experts have been on my podcast and FinancialAdvisor.TV many times over the years.

Someday, a better product may come along. Infact, it probably will. 

Do you think I would change service providers after that experience? 

Not a chance.

Not only did I get a reply, but it was also from a person who was genuinely eager to help. 

This wasn't just customer service; it was personal, swift, and above all, empathetic. 

As we worked through the issue, I couldn't help but feel a strong sense of relief and gratitude. 

It was clear that James, and by extension, to YCharts, I wasn't just another ticket in their system. I was a professional with a problem that mattered. In a world where products and features can be quickly duplicated, it's the personal touch, the willingness to go above and beyond, that truly sets a company apart. 

YCharts didn't just help me with a service issue; they showed me that at the heart of every successful business is not just what you sell, but how you support it.

As we sit today looking at a market sitting at all time highs, it is easy to get complacent. 

Don't do it!

Be like YCharts....

And in my book, that's the best salesperson you could ever have.


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