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Commodity Investing - How the Retail Investor Loses with Portfolio Manager John Farley

Updated: May 4, 2021

Have you had a client close their account because a competitor with a great 'track record' presented them with the latest Managed Futures Fund? Has a client moved their business because they decided they could trade futures contracts and generate better returns than you? Are you constantly discouraged by the under performance of your ETF allocation to commodities? On this episode of The Resilient Advisor I discuss these issues with 20 year trading veteran John Farley, who is the Volatility Portfolio Manager with Emil van Essen, LLC.

John Farley's Bio: John Farley is the Portfolio Manager for the Emil Van Essen Volatility Program. John has over 20 years of option market making, prop trading, and portfolio management experience within the currency, equity, and commodity spaces. John has been in the energy commodity space since 2004. The EVE Volatility Program specializes in niche derivative markets across the energy landscape and provides liquidity to companies with hedging needs as well as manages a structured portfolio of cross asset energy volatility.


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