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The Mason Jar

Updated: Mar 2

This is an old story that I have told many of you over the years:

"In a remote village, Bob the Farmer was known for his unique approach to agriculture. One spring, Bob decided to plant a pumpkin seed inside an old, clear glass Mason Jar. He watched as the pumpkin germinated and slowly began to conform to the jug's shape, its vivid orange body snugly fitting against the glass. In his vast open fields, pumpkins could reach sizes that would astound anyone, but Bob's pumpkin, nestled within the jug, was restricted to a size dictated by its container. This soon became a village attraction, representing the subtle ways our environment shapes and limits our growth. Bob's glass-encased pumpkin stood as a reminder that while potential for growth is vast, it is often the space we find ourselves in that defines its extent."

At the start of the lockdowns in 2020, I closed my office and began working exclusively from home. 

It was easy and I became comfortable with the routine.

I also hated it and I was not growing. I was in the Mason Jar. 

Something had to change so I rented an office suite with 4 offices, while having 0 employees.

Within 45 days the office has been filled with a new video editor, a banker and an office for Chris and a local client to share. 

Clients have been stopping by to visit. A new studio is being built.

All of this before the sign (picture below) was even up.

Takeaway: What is your Mason Jar?

  • Do you have too many clients?

  • Do you not spend enough time with the RIGHT clients?

  • Do you need to make some staff changes?

  • Do you need a new custodial firm?

Let me know if you want to talk it through! JC

New sign went up on January 5th!


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