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The Challenges Of Tech Integration During The M&A Process With Greg Friedman & Shaun Kapusinski

In my experience, tech integration does not receive the appropriate attention on the front end of M&A deals. This leads to some real integration challenges. Putting a critical lens on the tech stack during the process will present opportunities for both parties to streamline systems and deliver a better client experience. My guests on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast have published a new book to help financial advisors and firms navigate this process.

My Guests:

Greg Friedman is the CEO of Private Ocean, an innovative West Coast wealth management firm, and the founder of Junxure, a popular CRM platform for financial advisors.

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Shaun Kapusinski is the Director of Technology & Operations at Sequoia Financial Group and the Founder of HIFON. Since 2010, HIFON has quietly built the premier community of RIA Operations Professionals.

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