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The Difference Between Growth And Stagnation With Jay Hummel (Advisor Growth Series 10-9-19)

Jay Hummel of the Wealth Advisor Growth Network comes on The Resilient Advisor Podcast for a new featured series called the 'Advisor Growth Series.' Our plan is to bring viewers and listeners short actionable episodes to help advisors grow their business.


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About Jay Hummel

Jay Hummel is a partner and co-founder of Wealth Advisor Growth Network (WAGN), a company focused on helping to build, improve and grow independent advisory firms and financial services companies. Prior to founding WAGN, Jay was a Senior Vice President and Head of American Century Investment’s Personal Financial Solutions Business. Jay was responsible for the strategic and executional oversight of teams serving 600,000 individual and small retirement clients with $40B in assets under management.

He is a former Managing Director of Envestnet where he served as the Head of Strategic Initiatives and Thought Leadership. Jay is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Lenox Wealth Management, a Cincinnati based multi-family office and started his career in accounting and consulting at Deloitte.

Jay is a frequent industry speaker and writer. Wiley has published two of his books: Success and Succession and The Essential Advisor.

Jay lives in Kansas City with his wife, Valerie. When he’s not traveling he and Valerie stay very busy with their 7 and 5 year old sons and their 3 year old daughter.


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